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Terms and Conditions of the idescu.eu Online Store


The idescu.eu (or idescu.com or idescu.pl) online store, operated in the form of a website and a mobile application under the name "iDESCU" by Kaja-Tex Bartłomiej Kasiński with registered office in Borek (62-872) at ul. Działkowa 9, VAT number 7781029082, REGON 630412781, email address: kontakt@idescu.pl; the mobile application is available under the name "iDESCU" or "iDESCU HOME" for free download from the digital distribution platforms App Store and Google Play for mobile devices operating under the iOS and Android operating systems;

Customer - a natural person, legal person or organizational unit without legal personality, but having legal capacity, using the idescu.eu online store;

Consumer - a customer who is a natural person using the idescu.eu online store, including a natural person who enters into a contract directly related to his or her business activity, if the content of the contract indicates that it does not have a professional character for this person, arising in particular from the subject of the economic activity carried out by him or her, provided on the basis of the provisions on the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity.

Customer Account - a customer account allowing for the use of the idescu.eu online store, including the display of products selected by the customer for purchase, as well as the introduction and modification of order data. The Customer Account is linked to an individual device number, through which the customer views the assortment of the idescu.eu online store.


The activity of the idescu.eu online store is aimed at fulfilling individual orders and needs of customers. The configuration tools available in the idescu.eu online store cannot be used by professional entities engaged in the delivery or design of window compositions (curtains, drapes, blinds) in their business activity. The online store idescu.eu offers cooperation to these entities on individually agreed terms.

  1. The regulations define
  2. the rules for registering in the idescu.eu online store;
  3. the rules for using the idescu.eu online store;
  4. the conditions for placing orders for products offered by the idescu.eu online store, delivering the ordered products to the customer, and paying the selling price for such products by the customer;
  5. the customer's rights to cancel an order and withdraw from the contract;
  6. the rules for submitting and handling complaints.


  1. To browse the websites of the idescu.eu online store, including browsing the assortment of the idescu.eu online store, a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet with access to the internet network with a transmission speed of not less than 10 Mb/s, Android operating system version not lower than 11 or iOS operating system version not lower than 15.4, and an internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Safari in the current version are necessary. To browse the websites of the idescu.eu online store on a computer (PC or laptop), including browsing the assortment of the idescu.eu online store on a computer, access to the internet network with a transmission speed of not less than 10 Mb/s and an internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, in the current version are necessary.

To register on the idescu.eu online store and place orders for products, an active email account is also required.

  1. As part of using the idescu.eu online store, customers are prohibited from providing unlawful content that violates the law or good customs.
  2. The customer is obliged to refrain from any activity that could negatively affect the proper functioning of the idescu.eu online store, including in particular any interference with the content of the idescu.eu online store or its technical elements.
  3. Placing orders by the customer for products available in the idescu.eu online store is possible after registering in accordance with the provisions of § 2 of these regulations.


  • 2. Registration
  1. Registering a customer account on the idescu.eu online store allows the customer to:


  1. Enter, edit, or delete data, including delivery addresses; place orders using the data entered by the customer; create a shopping list; b) Ordering and cancelling a newsletter subscription, if one is currently being published; c) Using currently available discount codes; d) Using other functionalities provided to registered customers.
  1. To register at idescu.eu online store (creating a customer account), you must fill out a registration form using the mobile application, providing your name and surname or nickname, address, email and password, and also familiarize yourself with the provisions of this regulation.
  2. After the customer fills out and submits the registration form, idescu.eu online store sends a confirmation of registration to the email address provided by the customer. From that moment, the registration process is complete.
  3. Registration at idescu.eu online store, as well as using the functionalities of the online store, are free of charge. Registering means that the customer enters into an agreement with idescu.eu online store for the provision of an electronic service consisting of maintaining a customer account, on the terms specified in this regulation.
  4. After registering at idescu.eu online store, each login is done using the data provided in the registration form or subsequently changed through the customer account settings.
  5. The account created as a result of registration is maintained for an indefinite period of time. The customer can resign from maintaining the account at idescu.eu online store and request its deletion at any time. No fees are charged for resigning and deleting the account. Deleting the account does not affect the implementation of an order that is being processed.
  6. To delete a customer account from idescu.com online store, you need to contact us by phone or email at kontakt@idescu.pl. The request to delete the account is processed after confirmation that the person making the request is the owner of the account. Account deletion occurs immediately and constitutes termination by the customer of the agreement with idescu.eu online store for the provision of electronic services, the subject of which is maintaining a customer account.
  7. The customer can use some services provided by idescu.eu online store, especially those listed below, only after registering or logging in to their account:
    Use of design tools, provided the user intends to preserve the effects of their work with the tools, such as saving, storing, sharing, or printing them.
    b. Preparation and recording of a shopping list.
  8. The online store eu allows for making 15 changes to the materials of window compositions without creating a Customer Account. Creating a Customer Account enables making an additional 20 quotes without the need to place an order.
  9. The online store idescu.eu may immediately terminate an agreement for the provision of electronic services with a registered Customer if: a) The Customer fails to update the registration information in the store immediately after changes have occurred. b) The Customer posts unlawful content in the store. c) The Customer engages in sending unsolicited commercial information. d) The Customer persistently and blatantly violates the provisions of these regulations. e) The Customer uses the application contrary to its intended purpose, i.e., placing orders in the online store idescu.eu.


  1. Subject to the provisions of section 9 of this paragraph, the products offered in the online store idescu.eu are non-prefabricated products, manufactured according to the Customer's specifications and intended to meet their individualized needs, within the meaning of Article 38(3) of the Consumer Rights Act of May 30, 2014.
  2. The product offered on the idescu.eu online store page is window compositions, such as curtains, drapes, and blinds, which the Customer configures independently within the available options of the configurator.
  3. The configurator options in the idescu.eu online store are solely an auxiliary tool for the Customer to configure the sizes of the ordered window compositions (curtains and/or drapes and/or blinds), and the dimensions provided by the configurator are purely indicative. The customer is obliged to measure the height and width of the curtains, drapes, blinds etc. himself using the necessary tools.
  4. Visualizations of window compositions and fabric texture images generated on the Online Store are purely for illustrative purposes. To ensure regarding the pattern and color of a given fabric, the online store idescu.eu recommends ordering fabric samples before placing orders for target window compositions. All prices listed on the idescu.eu Online Store website are in the currency specified on the website and include value-added tax according to the applicable regulations.
  5. Subject to paragraph 9 below, product prices on the idescu.eu Online Store website are determined when selecting configuration options. The price of the product depends on the customer's selection of product parameters such as model, size (length and width), material, color, and other additional options such as for example finishing type.
  6. The total value of the order for window compositions referred to in paragraph 2 above is presented on the idescu.eu Online Store website after the customer selects options and payment method.
  7. The binding and final price for the window compositions referred to in paragraph 2 above is the product price listed on the idescu.eu Online Store website at the time the customer places the order. The price does not include the delivery cost, which is provided separately to the customer at the time of placing the order.
  8. Additional information about the offered products and services can be obtained by calling the phone number specified on the idescu.eu website during hotline working hours or by writing to the email address: kontakt@idescu.pl.
  9. In its offer, the idescu.eu Online Store also offers:
  10. a) ready-made window compositions in the form of curtains, drapes, and blinds that have been previously ordered by other customers and returned to the idescu.eu Online Store. These compositions do not constitute a brand new product. They can be adapted to individual customer needs upon request. To do so, the customer should contact the idescu.eu Online Store in the manner specified in paragraph 8 above.
  11. b) ready-made window compositions and other interior design elements.
  1. Subject to paragraph 9(a) above, all products available on the idescu.eu Online Store are brand new, free from physical and legal defects.


  1. Orders for products made according to individual demand can only be placed through a registered Customer Account on the idescu.eu online store website.
  2. To place an order for products made according to individual demand, the customer must take the following steps:
  • measure the size (length and width) of the window composition (curtains and/or drapes and/or blinds) using the configurator according to their own discretion within the available configurator options (i.e. enter specific product parameters such as length, width, material type, color),
  • place an order for the configured product by clicking the "Order" option.
  1. The customer can make changes to the order or cancel it until the order is placed. Changes to a placed order, if possible taking into account the order's processing status, can only be made through contact via the Customer Account or phone.

  1. After selecting a product from the ready-made product offer on the idescu.eu online store website, the customer places an order by adding the product to the cart and selecting the quantity of products.
  2. During the ordering process, the customer has the option to modify entered data and select the product. To do so, follow the displayed messages and information available on the application.


  1. After providing all the necessary data by the customer using the idescu.eu online store website or after successful login, the order summary will be displayed. The summary of a placed order will include information about: a) the subject of the order, b) unit and total price of ordered products, including delivery costs and additional costs (if any), c) the selected payment method, d) the delivery method,
    e) order remarks - additional information provided by the customer.
  1. After placing an order, an order number is generated, which unambiguously identifies the order. This number is necessary to make payment for the ordered goods and is helpful in contacting the idescu.eu Online Store.
  2. After placing an order, the customer will receive an automatic confirmation email to the provided email address confirming the acceptance of the order.
  3. The order is processed after the customer has made payment.
  4. The idescu.eu Online Store reserves the right to contact the customer at the phone number or email address provided in the order form to complete or confirm the information provided.
  5. Orders can be placed via the idescu.eu Online Store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year, except for situations related to planned or emergency service interruptions.
  6. The agreement concluded between the customer and the idescu.eu Online Store regarding the purchase of a given product in the Store is time-limited and lasts for the period of order fulfillment. The place of performance of the service related to the purchase of products in the Store is the delivery address specified by the customer.
  7. In the event that an order is configured but not paid for within the specified time, the idescu.eu Online Store will delete the order after 24 hours.
  8. In the event that the Online Store is unable to fulfill the placed order due to the lack of fabrics selected by the Customer from the supplier, the online store idescu.eu will immediately notify the Customer at the email address provided and refund the full amount paid by the Customer for the order within 5 days from the date of placing the order. The provisions of § 7 apply accordingly.


  1. The goods ordered by the Customer will be shipped after payment (payment "in advance").
  2. The idescu.eu online store accepts the following payment methods:
  • payment by debit or credit card through an external payment operator,
  • payment by electronic transfer (e-transfer, e-przelew) through an external payment operator.
  1. The idescu.eu online store expects payment within 24 hours from the date of the order. In the event that the Customer fails to make full payment for the order within the specified period, the idescu.eu online store will cancel the order.
  2. The day of payment is the day of receiving confirmation of the accepted payment from the external payment operator through which the Customer made the payment.
  3. In the event that as a result of an error in the information system, it is found that the price of the order placed by the customer has been calculated incorrectly and is obviously too low or too high, the online store idescu.eu will return the overpaid part of the price to the customer within 5 days from the date the order was placed, in the case where the price was too high (the provisions of § 7 apply accordingly) or will immediately contact the customer to provide the correct price for the placed order, in the case where the price was too low and confirm whether the customer, after obtaining information about the correct price, is still interested in carrying out the order. In the event of a lack of interest in carrying out the order, the online store idescu.eu will return the paid price within 5 days from the date of placing the order or will wait for the payment of the difference. The provisions of paragraph 3 and subsequent paragraphs apply.
  4. The online store idescu.eu issues a receipt or invoice after the order is placed. If the customer requests an invoice, they should provide the necessary information to enable the invoice to be issued (provide the tax identification number and company name when placing the order). The invoice is sent to the customer by email or traditional mail together with the order. The customer agrees to issue and send invoices electronically to the email address provided by them. In the case of an electronic invoice, it will be sent within 7 days from the date of order fulfillment.
  5. The delivery time given in the mobile application when placing the order is an estimated time. The online store idescu.eu will take due care to ensure that the goods ordered by the customer are delivered to the address indicated in the order within the estimated time, but no later than 40 business days from the receipt of payment for the placed order.
  6. The customer can choose one of the following delivery methods: o courier delivery with cash on delivery, o personal pickup in Ostrow Wielkopolski, Kaliska 45.
  7. Upon receipt of the shipment, the customer is obliged to check the condition of the shipment and its contents in the presence of the courier or the employee of the online store idescu.eu in the case of personal pickup. Checking the condition of the shipment and determining the nature of the violation or damage to the packaging made in the presence, including preparing a damage report, will facilitate the store's consideration of the complaint.
  1. All products offered in the store are covered by the guarantee of the idescu.eu Online Store for physical and legal defects.
  2. The consumer is obliged to use window compositions in accordance with the rules of use for a given type of window composition. The rules for caring for window compositions are described on the information card for the material.
  3. In the event of a defect in the goods, the customer has the right to file a complaint using the form available on the website www.idescu.eu or according to the rules indicated in point 5 below.
  4. After considering the complaint notification, the idescu.eu Online Store will provide the customer with a position that either acknowledges or rejects the complaint via email.
  5. In the case of returning a complained product, it should be properly secured during transportation. The purchase receipt with a description of the complaint and information about the bank account number to which the purchase amount should be returned after a positive consideration of the complaint should be included with the returned product.
  6. The idescu.eu Online Store will respond to the complaint within 14 days from the date of receiving the shipment with the complained product and inform the customer about further actions. If the complaint is accepted, the damaged product will be repaired or replaced with another one of equal value. If this is not possible, the idescu.eu Online Store will refund the customer the equivalent of the product price. If the idescu.eu Online Store does not respond to the customer's request within 14 days, it means that the request has been recognized as justified.
  7. The idescu.eu Online Store will refund the costs associated with returning the complained product in the amount of the economic shipment according to the current price list of the national Post operator after a positive consideration of the complaint, following the procedure described in this paragraph.
  8. The customer has the right to demand a price reduction or withdrawal from the contract, unless the idescu.eu Online Store immediately and without undue inconvenience to the customer replaces the defective product with a defect-free one or removes the defect. This limitation does not apply if the product has already been replaced or repaired, and the idescu.eu Online Store has not replaced the product with a defect-free one or has not removed the defect.
  9. In the event of a rejected complaint, the idescu.eu Online Store will return the product to the customer along with a written justification for the refusal of the complaint.


  1. In the event that circumstances arise that obligate the Seller to refund payments made by the Customer to the bank account of the idescu.eu online store, such refund shall be made within a maximum of 7 business days.
  2. If the Customer has made a bank transfer payment, the refund of the payment shall be made to the bank account from which the payment was made. In the event that, due to reasons beyond the control of the idescu.eu online store, identification of the bank account is not possible, the idescu.eu online store shall contact the Customer with a request sent to the e-mail address provided during the order process to confirm the bank account number for the purpose of refunding the payment.


  1. With the exception of the products referred to in § 3(9) of these regulations, which have not been customized to the individual needs of the Customer, and subject to the provisions of paragraph 2 below, all products in the store's range are non-prefabricated products, produced according to the configuration of the Customer and/or intended to satisfy their individual needs, within the meaning of Article 38(3) of the Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights, therefore the Customer does not have the right to withdraw from the contract.
  2. Regardless of the provisions of point 1, the Idescu.eu online store, despite the lack of a legal obligation, offers the Customer the possibility of returning the first ordered product made according to the individual configuration of the Customer, including those referred to in § 3 point 9, tailored to the individual needs of the Customer, with a deduction of 10% of the value of this order. This right does not apply to subsequent orders fulfilled by the Idescu.eu online store according to the Customer's configuration. The Customer may exercise the granted right in accordance with the principles indicated in the paragraphs below.
  3. In relation to products referred to in § 3 para. 9 of these regulations, the Customer may withdraw from the sales contract of the product purchased in the Idescu.eu online store within 14 (fourteen) calendar days without giving a reason and without incurring costs, with the exception of the costs specified in point 8 below.
  4. The period for withdrawing from the contract begins from the day on which the Customer or a third party designated by him, other than the carrier, takes possession of the purchased product.
  5. The Customer who wants to exercise the right to withdraw from the contract should inform the Idescu.eu online store about his decision to withdraw from the contract by means of an unambiguous statement (e.g. a letter sent by post or e-mail). The Customer may print out the template contained in Annex 1 to these regulations. Using the above template is not obligatory. To meet the deadline for withdrawing from the contract, it is sufficient for the Customer to send information about the exercise of his right to withdraw from the contract before the deadline for withdrawing from the contract expires.
  6. The Idescu.eu online store will immediately return to the Customer the payment made by the Customer, no later than 14 days after receiving the products from the Customer, in accordance with para. 9 of this section.
  7. The refund will be made using the same payment method used by the Customer.
  8. The direct cost of returning the product due to withdrawal is borne by the Customer, but the Customer is entitled to return the product personally in Ostrow Wlkp, Kaliska 45.
  9. The Customer is responsible for any reduction in the value of the product resulting from the use of the product beyond what is necessary to determine its nature, characteristics, and functioning.
  1. The sales contract is concluded between the Customer and the idescu.eu online store.
  2. The products presented on the idescu.eu online store website do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code. Most of the products are made to individual customer orders.
  3. The idescu.eu online store is not responsible for blocking the sending of messages to the e-mail address specified by the person using the store by mail server administrators, as well as for deleting and blocking e-mail messages by software installed on the computer used by the Customer.
  1. The consumer can obtain free assistance regarding their rights and disputes between themselves and the online store idescu.eu, among others, by contacting the district (city) consumer ombudsman or a social organization whose statutory tasks include consumer protection. Information for consumers, including information on the possibility of obtaining assistance, is also available on the website of the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (uokik.gov.pl) under the "Out-of-court consumer dispute resolution" tab.
  2. At the address https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr, the consumer has access to electronic consumer dispute resolution through the European Union's online platform (ODR platform). The ODR platform is a multilingual, interactive website for servicing consumers and entrepreneurs seeking to resolve out-of-court disputes arising from distance sales contracts or service contracts.
  3. This regulation is available at the electronic address idescu.pl in an electronic version, allowing for its acquisition, reproduction, and storage using the teleinformation system used by the Customer.
  4. This Regulation shall enter into force on September 20, 2022.
  5. The online store idescu.eu may change the Regulations and launch a new version of the services provided within the Store. The change becomes effective within the period specified by the Seller, which cannot be shorter than 7 days from the moment of making the modified regulations available on the idescu.eu online store, with the reservation that orders placed before the changes come into force are executed on the previous terms.
  6. Issues related to the protection of Customers' personal data have been regulated in a separate document "Privacy Policy".




Attachment No. 1 to the Regulations of the idescu.eu online store


(this form should be filled in and sent only if you wish to withdraw from the Agreement)

Recipient: Kaja-Tex Bartłomiej Kasiński, Kaliska 45 Street, 63-400 Ostrów Wlkp., Poland

I/We() hereby inform you of my/our() withdrawal from the purchase agreement.

Date of conclusion of the agreement: ……………………………….

Name and surname of the consumer: ……………………………….

Consumer's address: ………………………………………….

Date, consumer's signature: …………………………………….

(*) Delete as appropriate.