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Mounting the Roman blind

There are two main types of mounting for the Roman blind - to the ceiling/wall or directly on the window frame.
  • Installation of the Roman blind on the ceiling or wall: preferred if there is approx. 20cm of space above the window to roll up the blind (important if you plan to open the window), installation of the pin mechanism is necessary.
  • Mounting the blind on the window frame: preferred if there is not enough space above the window, if you prefer smaller roller blinds, if you cannot drill into the wall. The window is opened together with the Roman blind.

Short video showing how to measure a Roman blind

How to measure a Roman blind fitted to the ceiling or wall

  • To determine the width of the roller blind: measure the window recess and add 5-7cm on each side of the recess.
  • to determine the height of the roller blind: measure from the installation point (ceiling for ceiling mounted Roman blinds or height on the wall for wall-mounted Roman blinds) to the place where the blind is to end at the bottom.
The mounting brackets included with the roller blind are universal, allowing the roller blind to be mounted both on the ceiling and on the wall.