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Customer support

Customer support in the iDESCU app

  • Telephone assistance with sending your own visualization - our decorators on the hotline will be happy to advise and assist you
  • access to the Inspirations gallery - you choose a ready-made window decoration from the Inspirations gallery and you can apply (see) it on your window
  • send visuals for rating/commenting on social media - your friends, acquaintances can help you with your decoration choices
  • quick ordering of material samples - with one "click" you choose material samples and we expressly send them to you (up to 6 pieces of material samples, for 5 PLN)
  • Instructional videos, question/answer section of the app

Telephone assistance with sending your own visualization

The number of our support line is 459 595 150. The easiest way to connect with us is directly from the application by selecting the handset symbol on the main screen.

After pressing the handset, you will have three call options to choose from. The first option from the top is a call to send us the visualization you are currently creating (+48 459 595 150 call to send a photo to the Hotline).

Two other options, without sending visuals, are a standard phone call and a call using Whatsapp.

For contacting us, we recommend choosing the first option (call to send a photo to the Hotline).

During this call, the visualization you are currently creating will be automatically sent to us. In such a situation, seeing your arrangement in the picture - we are definitely better able to help and advise you. For finding your photo we will need an identification number, you will find it the bottom of the screen.

Access to the Inspirations gallery

After pressing the star icon, a screen will open with inspirations prepared by our interior decorators, according to current trends and fashions. The gallery of inspirations consists of thematically grouped sets of curtains, draperies, blinds, which you can browse.

Importantly, after pressing the "Apply compositions" button - the selected arrangement can be seen and edited on the main screen of the iDESCU application. Now all we have to do is take a picture of the window - and we can see the given visualization in the interior of our house/apartment.

Uploading visuals for review/comment on social media

With the iDESCU app you can easily share your visualizations with friends, family, acquaintances. They frequent your house/apartment, they will surely be happy to comment on your future decoration, help you with the selection.

To upload a visualization using various social media, just save it in Favorites (the heart icon on the main screen, and then upload it from the "My favorite compositions" gallery, which is located in Settings (Settings - the "cog" icon in the lower right corner of the application).

The "My favorite compositions" gallery contains all the arrangements that we have added to it. To select the one you want to send to your friends, for example - select the arrangement in question and press the "social media" button.

We know very well that choosing for a window the best decoration is quite a difficult and complex process.... Whether to use curtains, drapes or perhaps Roman blinds or panels?
This is just the beginning of a list of questions that need to be answered when choosing a window arrangement. Delicate curtains, drapes or blinds, however, very much define and accentuate the character of the room. They simply have to be chosen well, if we want to enjoy a harmoniously matched interior....

Using the iDESCU application, the textile arrangement is selected having as its background a photo of the window, along with parts of the wall, floor, ceiling. We can see on the screen of the smartphone whether the different colors, patterns - match each other. And this is what makes the big difference....

Traditional support

As part of iDESCU's support, we also provide our customers with traditional telephone and on-site support at our showrooms. Our interior decorating experts are available to you both stationary (addresses) and by phone (phone numbers).