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Cooperation with the European Union

Our company's proposal has been selected for implementation under the Intelligent Development Operational Programme 2014-2020.

Implementation of mobile applications as a 3D visualization tool and purchase of textile window compositions to increase the reach and sales channels of the company's products

The overall goal of the project is to implement a process innovation through the development of specialized 3d visualization applications and software to provide expert advice and support for the production of textile window decorations during and after an outbreak.

Planned outcomes of the project:

- changing the way the company operates, the company's processes for production, service provision, organization or, in addition, changing the company's products;

- Enabling the company to operate in the event of another epidemic. Implementation of the project will allow the company to be immunized against epidemiological events (of the Covid-19 type), resulting in the closure of stores and markets;

- expanding the company's business reach - implementation of the project will also allow the company to significantly expand its territorial scope.

Total project value: 270 000,00 zł

European Funds contribution: 233 750,00 zł

Funded as part of the Union's response to the COVID-19 pandemic


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Cooperation with interior design companies and current job offers

As an Idescu company, we value both the collaboration with our direct customers as well as with interior design companies and individuals dealing with this issue professionally. Some of you, our dear customers, prefer direct cooperation with us, particularly when the ideas of window decorations (curtains, drapers etc.) are known at least to some extent. There is however, also a group of clients that prefers to seek advice from professional interior decorators and designers. We are here to support your needs in whatever cooperation model you choose, individually or through our professional support.

Below we present our home decoration professionals, with whom we have committed common projects in the scope of textile window decorations. With great pleasure we will also start collaborative working  with new companies in that area (interior designers, architects, professionals dealing in the interior area). We would be delighted to be able to cooperate with you by creating new, unique window decorations for our common customers.
Companies and individuals interested in this matter are kindly requested to contact by e-mail: or phone: 0048 661 297 999