Energy and clarity, magenta living room inspirations
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Living room with magenta colour

The magenta-coloured curtains in the living room put us in a positive mood and give us energy. It's worth thinking about such a change when it's cold and grey outside. A great suggestion for a seasonal change to your curtain collection.

Download the FREE iDESCU app and create a unique window decoration by using your smartphone screen.

It's very easy, you take a photo of your window, the app will overlay curtains, drapes, blinds... on it. And you can immediately see if a particular color matches the rest of the room, or if a particular material pattern blends well with other elements of the interior.

You can easily visualize your creation, but that's not all - you can easily order the created decorations. We will sew them to measure and deliver to you by courier.

The choice is yours - try it out!

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