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Romantic bathroom window decoration

Are you keen to decorate your bathroom window without obstructing the beautiful view? We think we've managed it best in this arrangement. The subtly translucent white curtain obscures the window with a delicate mist and slightly softens the light coming into the room. However, it does not interfere with the beauty of nature outside the window. The curtain has been sewn on crinkle velcro tape and glued to the bathroom tiles, a convenient window arrangement, we don't need a curtain rod and drilling in the tiles.

Download the FREE iDESCU app and create a unique window decoration by using your smartphone screen.

It's very easy, you take a photo of your window, the app will overlay curtains, drapes, blinds... on it. And you can immediately see if a particular color matches the rest of the room, or if a particular material pattern blends well with other elements of the interior.

You can easily visualize your creation, but that's not all - you can easily order the created decorations. We will sew them to measure and deliver to you by courier.

The choice is yours - try it out!

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