Terrace drapes - aesthetic and functional decoration of the terrace
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Terrace drapes - aesthetic and functional decoration of the terrace

Terrace drapes - aesthetic and functional decoration of the terrace

The drape is a versatile terrace decoration with many qualities. At first glance, its decorative character definitely comes to the fore. In our cultural circle, drapes and curtains are associated more with the interior decoration of a house or apartment. Using them outdoors allows to create the impression of enlarging a room that faces directly onto the terrace. What about the effect? The home decor and its immediate surroundings gain in coherence and elegance.

However, the functional aspect of this solution should not be forgotten either. Above all, drapes on the terrace provide a sense of intimacy and protect from the sight of neighbors. In addition, the material subtly shields from the sun’s rays and shades the resting space. The zone of shade and coolness created with curtains for the terrace will be appreciated by both householders and plants, which are not always fond of the harsh sun. The fabric can also protect against other factors that interfere with relaxation in nature – including wind, rain and even insects.

How to adjust the right size of drapes for the terrace?

How to measure the terrace for drapes to fit?

How to measure the terrace for drapes to fit? As in the house, it is necessary to measure the width, a space that the drape will cover, or in case of decorative drapes – the width that you want the finished drape to occupy. For more information, see the short video: How to measure drapes. We also do the same when choosing the type of fabric pleats. On how to do this, you will learn from our article: How to pleat curtains and drapes? Effective and simple solutions.

The length of terrace drapes is also important. They should ideally end about 3-5 centimeters above the floor. This will prevent them from being trampled when passing by. The lack of direct contact with the ground also protects the material from rubbing, soiling and even getting wet. This is because it is known that the terrace floor, which directly borders the garden, is not always as pristine as it might seem at first glance. However, terrace drapes are governed by their own rules, and you can afford to make them much shorter as well (as in the photo above).

It is also sometimes worth attaching the outer parts of drape permanently to the terrace side or ground. This will help to arrange the composition in stronger winds.

Choosing curtains for the terrace - practical advice

Several factors determine whether such a textile decoration of the terrace will turn out well:

Type of material – both natural fabrics and those made of synthetic fine fiber will work well in the role of a terrace curtain and drape.

Fabric weight – the higher it is, the less light the fabric will let through. Characterized by high grammage blackout curtains are recommended in particular for terraces located on the south side, where you have to take into account the presence of strong sun for most of the day. On the other hand, thin, semitransparent curtains with a loose weave will prove useful when you do not need complete insulation from the sun, because the goal is only to subtly obscure the space.

Color – although there is a total freedom in this regard, we recommend using a light color palette. Beiges, grays and fuzzy pastels not only blend perfectly with the green surroundings, but are also less likely to fade when exposed to the sun.

Resistance to outdoor conditions – the terrace is an outdoor space, even if it is equipped with a canopy. The fabric used there should stand up to the prevailing outdoor conditions, characterized by resistance to the destructive effects of moisture and sunlight.

Mounting method – if the load-bearing structure of terrace allows the installation of a curtain rod, you can mount a ceiling rail or even an ordinary curtain rod on it, and then use a classic curtain for the terrace. An alternative to it are practical Roman blinds, which can be conveniently covered and uncovered, depending on the sun’s height in the sky.

It is also worth considering to make the removal of terrace curtains or drapes simple and quick, because such terrace decorations are seasonal and should be taken down for autumn and winter.

Well-chosen drapes for the terrace are not only a functional solution, but also will please the eye and will not lose their aesthetics after one season. It is enough to devote some time to their selection, and the result will exceed our expectations in every way.

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