Roman blinds for the kitchen, what to consider when choosing. Our advice
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Roman blinds for the kitchen, what to consider when choosing. Our advice

Roman blinds for the kitchen, what to consider when choosing. Our advice

The Roman blind’s pleats automatically form as you pull up the blind, allowing you to cover the window as you wish..[video]

The biggest concern our customers reported to us was:

Roman blind is not cheap, and I can not imagine it on my window, what are the best materials to make it? This is finally easy, we have prepared for you a free application iDESCU.

In the application, on a photo of the window (taken with a smartphone) you can already see how different types of Roman blinds will look like. You will see on your own window, visualizations of roller blinds made from one material as well as from different materials. There is also an option to order a "created" roller blind directly from the app, it will be sewn according to your visualization.

Roman blinds for the kitchen are a versatile piece of equipment, so they will fit perfectly into any type of interior – whether it is a Scandinavian, loft or glamour style kitchen. The element that determines the fit of roller blind to a particular style of interior is the material of fabric from which it is made, and the possibilities of choosing the fabric here are almost unlimited.

Roman blinds for the kitchen - The most important advantages of this window decoration

Roman blind for the kitchen which will fit practically any window, regardless of its width or height. Its operation is extremely intuitive and convenient in everyday use.

All thanks to a simple bead mechanism used to pull up and down the roller blind. The fabric is mounted to the roller blind mechanism with the help of tape-thread (Velcro), which allows you to easily detach it if needed. The need for this type in the kitchen occurs frequently, after all, it is the place of our intensive work with food products. Its easiness to remove the fabric for washing or cleaning is undoubtedly a very important advantage of this window "How to dismantle a Roman blind in order to wash the roller blind fabric"-Jak zdemontować roletę rzymską celem wyprania tkaniny rolety").

The use of tape-thread is a great solution also when we want to make small changes in the kitchen decor, without a lot of work and finances. It is possible to replace the material again and again, while the blind mechanism still remains the same (cost saving). In this simple way we can significantly redesign the interior of our kitchen, introducing new colors or other fabric patterns. The roller blind is a spatially large decorative element, and the impact of changing the fabric on the aesthetic transformation and appearance of the entire room – is significant.

Roman blinds for the kitchen - Insolation aspect

Depending on the users’ needs and preferences, Roman blinds for the kitchen can darken or not block too much of the sun coming into the room. This depends on the type of fabric we use. The transparent variant of the fabric allows the sun’s rays to enter, while protecting against excessive sunlight. On the other hand, darkening Roman blinds protect against additional heating of the room, which is important as the temperature in the kitchen already rises during cooking.

What material to choose for Roman blinds in the kitchen?

Roman blinds for the kitchen sewn in iDESCU are a practical yet stylish solution that adds functionality to the interior. When deciding to purchase this decoration element for the kitchen, it is worth remembering to choose the right fabric, as the type and material quality of your blinds are very important in this interior. Due to the fact that the kitchen is a place in the house that is exposed to dirt and moisture, the material from which they are made should be characterized by durability and good stain resistance. It is also important to be able to machine wash and remove stains with chemical cleaners. Mechanical washing allows you to quickly remove dirt and enjoy the impeccable appearance of your roller blind.

Roman blinds for the kitchen - Installation method

Roman blinds for the kitchen are a window decoration that can be mounted in various ways. Depending on your individual needs and preferences, you can use several options. One of them is to mount the roller blind to the wall or ceiling. This is a popular solution for covering most or even all of the window recess. Made and mounted in this way, the roller blind occupies a larger area, affects the interior design with its color or texture. However, it requires invasive installation. It is necessary to drill holes for mounting the blind. A much less demanding way is to use non-invasive brackets for Roman blinds which are mounted on the window frame. [See entry Roman blinds - installation without drilling]. Mounting on the window frame allows you to open the window with the blind, without having to pull up the blind before opening or closing the window.

In case you do not really care about pulling up or down the blind, but want to enjoy the functionality and aesthetics it offers – you can permanently mount the blind at a lower cost. These are so-called decorative roller blinds, which do not require a mechanism, fixed, as a rule, with tape-thread (with adhesive on one side).

App for ordering curtains, drapes, blinds and panels on the background of the window photo

We are pleased to announce that our iDESCU app is now posted for download for both Android and iOS phones. It allows you to quickly create visualizations of curtains, draperies, Roman blinds or panels against a photo of your own window. More about the app in the APP IDESCU tab and a short video demonstrating its capabilities: "How to use the iDESCU app, design and order curtains, drapes, blinds".


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Download the iDESCU app

Download the iDESCU app

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you will be able to match the decoration to your interior, see everything on a photo of your own window.

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Online Store

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