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Modern curtains for the living room

Modern curtains for the living room

The types of fabrics and the variety and abundance of designs will allow for unusual arrangements that will satisfy even the most demanding. Appropriately selected for the type of interior, they will respond to different needs and expectations. One of our tips when selecting curtains is to choose curtains with a light sheen for small living room areas. Such a window decoration will further optically enlarge the room.

The biggest concern our customers were reporting to us was:

"I can not imagine the curtain on my window, what pattern will fit best?" It is finally easy, we have prepared for you a free application iDESCU.
In the app, on a photo of the window (taken with a smartphone), you can already see how different types/designs of curtains will look like. On your own window you can see visualizations of the curtains, select and substitute different materials for them.

What kind of curtains to use in a modern living room? What curtains are suitable for a living room with a balcony? Whether to opt for a short or long curtains for the living room?

In case of curtains in a modern living room, the current tendency is to choose materials that are rather smooth, not too patterned, delicate in their texture. This type of modern curtain gives us a variety of arrangement possibilities. You can cover the whole window, but also slide it to the sides or pin it up in a romantic style. A great way to arrange a curtain in a modern living room is to pin it up on KS systems. Such a curtain is sewn on a special wave tape, which makes it lay in perfectly even waves across the window. This way of hanging a modern curtain is also used in bedrooms or children’s rooms. In addition, a smooth modern curtain hung on the KS system gives a sense of delicacy, lightness and airiness.

How to use the undoubted potential of curtains?

Curtains have great potential. They create many possibilities in interior design and are an extremely important complementary element. Most often they come in various shades of white, ecru or beige. If we care about the timelessness of window decoration, it is worth relying on the classics. It will always stand up, which means that smooth and elegant curtains will do just fine. Elegant curtains, despite their simplicity, allow to externalize our personal style. Depending on how they are pinned up, we will give them a completely different image. According to our taste and preferences, we can use an elegant curtain to create, among others, a romantic living room. How to do it? Just a fancy pinning up with the help of a variety of decorative brackets, pins or magnets. If we want to keep the minimalist effect of our living room with an elegant curtain in the starring role, just freely let the fabric fall downwards unhindered. It is worth remembering that for small and dark rooms we choose a white curtain, while for bright living rooms on the south side we can decide on an ecru or cream color. If our choice falls on a curtain embroidered all over, which is also very fashionable and impressive, then you should know that such a choice determines the style of the entire living room. We can then talk about a modern living room in glamour style. Shimmering pearls or gold color embroidery on the curtain complements the interior precisely in this style.

Is it worth choosing a short curtain for the living room?

There are such living rooms, and not only modern ones, where it is worth betting on just such a choice. In the living room, there is often a couch or other furniture placed under the window, which covers the wall and hanging a long curtain is pointless. Therefore, it is worth choosing a short curtain for the living room. If you decide on such a window arrangement, you should reach for guipure or embroidered curtains. Subtly transparent, classic curtains with a bottom finished with elegant guipure or embroidery will be a satisfying decoration. In addition to giving lightness to the living room, they also make it fresh and cozy. It is this optimal transparency of guipure curtains that is their greatest advantage. They just discreetly obscure the window pane, and with their decorative and fabulous bottom they perfectly decorate the window.

As for choosing curtains for a living room with a balcony

If we specify our expectations well, it turns out that even this is not a difficult challenge. You can opt for a combination of short and long curtains, for example, hang a long curtain on the balcony door and a short one on the balcony window. However, it is important to match the pattern of both curtains to ensure that the pattern blends into one on the shorter and longer pinned up. There is really nothing stopping you from hanging a long curtain on the balcony window in the living room, so that the difference in the window heights is not visible. Such an arrangement of a window in the living room with a balcony will also allow to hide possible construction deficiencies or a not very decorative radiator.

In fact, we can boldly say that the curtain has never gone out of fashion. The multiplicity of color possibilities, the abundance of fabrics and types of styling allow to present it in new and interesting appearances. Each window of the living room will look unique if you decide on a stylish design that will fit perfectly into the interior and allow you to create the space of your dreams.

We love curtains, we could write endlessly about them....

But who would have the time to read it.... And after all, the point is not to read about curtains, but to enjoy this elegant decoration in your room as soon as possible.... For those considering buying curtains, however, we would like to recommend another post that will help answer the question: how to choose a curtain well?

Curtain visualization application (app)

We are pleased to announce that our iDESCU app is now posted for download for both Android and iOS phones. It allows you to quickly create visualizations of curtains, draperies, Roman blinds or panels against a photo of your own window. More about the app in the APP IDESCU.

Download the iDESCU app

Download the iDESCU app

With our free app

you will be able to match the decoration to your interior, see everything on a photo of your own window.

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Online Store

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Download the FREE iDESCU app and create a unique window decoration by using your smartphone screen.

It's very easy, you take a photo of your window, the app will overlay curtains, drapes, blinds... on it. And you can immediately see if a particular color matches the rest of the room, or if a particular material pattern blends well with other elements of the interior.

You can easily visualize your creation, but that's not all - you can easily order the created decorations. We will sew them to measure and deliver to you by courier.

The choice is yours - try it out!

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Download App

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