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How to wash roman blinds, curtains, drapes

How to wash roman blinds, curtains, drapes

Before we proceed to wash the Roman blind, we first need to disassemble it. The disassembly method is rather a simple process and a short video we have prepared especially for this purpose will certainly be helpful.

Roman blinds disassembly

To prepare the blind material for washing, just unroll the blind on the window, untie the cords located at the bottom of blind from the inside and with a firm motion detach the blind material from the control mechanism to which it is attached by Velcro. Then remove the bars (stiffening) that are located in its tunnels, as well as the weight bar from the bottom of blind. If you are removing the blinds from several windows at the same time, it is a good idea to sort out all the components to avoid confusion when reassembling them. This way we will efficiently reinstall our decorations on the window after the washing.

Washing the fabric of the roman blind

Now the only question that remains is how to wash the Roman blinds? Can they be washed in a washing machine? Yes, they can, if we are sure that the material from which the roller blind is sewn is suitable for machine washing

If it is cotton or polyester, we can safely use a washing machine. However, remember that not all fabrics are suitable for washing in a washing machine. In case of some Roman blind materials only dry cleaning can be used. Whenever we have doubts on how to wash a particular material, we should follow the recommendations on the label. If the label with indications on how to maintain the fabric has not been sewn into the Roman blind, drapes or curtains (a common case), it remains to ask the seller about the rules for washing our window decorations.

In order to take care of our blind’s fabric condition, it is a good idea to fold it into a cube before putting it in the washing machine and then wash it at 30⁰C. As a rule, such a low temperature is completely sufficient for cleaning the fabric of roller blinds. For most fabrics, you can also turn on the spin mode, also on the lowest speed, so as to crumple the fabric as little as possible.

If the material from which the Roman blind is made has an extremely delicate structure and we are worried about damaging it during mechanical washing, it is possible to wash it by hand. However, remember to choose the right temperature of water and washing agent. This can be, for example, a fabric washing liquid, which will certainly cope well with dirt or, of course, laundry detergent. After drying the blind, provided the fabric so needs, it should be ironed by adjusting the temperature to the type of fabric. Thus washed and ironed (if necessary), the roller blind can be hung back on the window. To do this, follow all the steps from the disassembly (video), but in reverse order…

Pure white, without grays and creases, or how to wash and dry curtains?

It happens that despite the great effort and commitment on our part put into the process of washing curtains, we are not satisfied with the final result. How to wash curtains so that they delight with their freshness? It is important to take the preliminary steps that are necessary to achieve a satisfactory result.

It is worth starting with soaking the curtains, especially when they are very dirty, such as from grease or tobacco smoke. You can add dishwashing detergent or baking soda to water at a temperature of 30-40⁰C, which should effectively remove persistent dirt. This activity can be repeated with heavily stained curtains. On the other hand, if the curtains are not very dirty, you can choose to only soak them in warm water, without adding chemicals. This pre-soaking should last a minimum of one hour.

Can the curtains be washed in a washing machine? Of course, you can wash the curtains in a washing machine. However, remember the right temperature, i.e. in the range of 30-40⁰C, and to set the optimal program for washing. It is best to choose a program for washing delicate fabrics. When choosing a detergent for washing curtains, it is recommended to use a gentle detergent, ecological, one that will not damage the structure of fabric from which the curtain is sewn.

At most, it is advisable to gently spin the curtains, as they can crumple if spun intensively. The question remains: how to dry the curtains? Well, a good solution is to hang them damp on curtain rods or rails. In some curtains there is a permanently sewn-in weight at the bottom, thanks to which the whole thing is arranged precisely and harmoniously, and damp curtains will additionally be stretched by the weight.

Often customers ask: how to wash and clean drapes as well as how often to wash them?

The process of disassembling a drape from a curtain rod and preparing it for washing is a much simpler process than in the case of a Roman blind. However, for those who have doubts in this regard, we have prepared a short video, which shows the main steps involved in removing the drapes and preparing the material for washing.

Most drape fabrics can be washed in a washing machine, keeping in mind the selection of gentle detergents, as well as the setting of a washing program for delicate fabrics. As a rule, the maximum washing temperature for drapes is 30⁰C, at higher temperatures you risk shrinking the fabric.

However, there are some fabrics that cannot be washed in a washing machine, they must be dry-cleaned, they have a characteristic “P” marking.

If in doubt – ask the seller what type of washing is suitable for the material from which our drapes are made.

When washing or cleaning drapes, remember to remove the metal elements, the so-called weights, which are often sewn into the corners of drapes. They should be removed, as they can damage the fabric during washing. Centrifuge the drapes similarly to curtains – only on the lowest speed of the washing machine.

How to dry the drapes?

It is best to hang still damp drapes on the window. Do not dry them in a dryer, the fabric may shrink and the drapes will be too short when put on the window. A proven method is to hang the still damp drapes on the window, this method is safe for the fabric.

Washing Roman blinds, curtains and drapes is unlikely to be one of our favorite household activities. However, the tips in this article should make this activity easier and no longer cause anyone much trouble. By following them, we also reduce the risk of any mistake in the process of refreshing our window arrangements, a mistake that could result in shrinkage or even destruction of the material…

Application (an app) for ordering custom made curtains, drapes, Roman blinds

There is a number of Internet shops offering the possibility of choosing the style and the type of the curtain’s fabrics. This way one can order the made for measure window decoration without the necessity to visit the store phisically. Currently we are working on such a solution and soon we plan to offer it to our customers.


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