How to pleat curtains and drapes? Effective and simple solutions
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How to pleat curtains and drapes? Effective and simple solutions

How to pleat curtains and drapes? Effective and simple solutions

…The most common criterion we follow is their color or pattern. However, it is worth remembering that in order to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and elegant window decoration, we should also focus on their presentation, i.e. how to arrange our curtains and drapes. Among the most popular methods of their modeling is pleating the fabric.

How to pleat curtains?

Proper pleating curtains and drapes can be done in many ways. The most standard form is to pleat with a pleating tape with a ratio of min. 1:2. This will make the material at the bottom of curtains properly arranged, without causing unsightly spreading of folds. The tape on which the pleating is made must be modeled evenly and carefully, and all its pleating should be symmetrical.

The most popular forms of pleating curtains and drapes using different materials are:

pleating on a tape – thanks to such a solution, the curtain or drape does not slide or change its alignment even after washing, and at the same time it looks beautiful on the window, it has its fixed pleating.

pleating on a “wave” tape – an innovative system (KS) of pleating adapted to special slats. The “wave” tape causes the fabric to be arranged in even waves. Thanks to the use of a cord, holding the shape in the system rails, when extending or sliding the curtains, the folds remain in perfect form.

pleating on grommets – made most often on tubular curtain rods. Grommets are rings sewn/inserted into the fabric from which we make the decoration. These rings are slipped onto the curtain rod and pleated as desired. Unfortunately, with this type of composition, we have to remove the entire curtain rod to mount our curtain or drape.

pleating on a “brace” tape – its use results in a similar arrangement of the fabric as on the grommets. However, it is more aesthetic and stylish. Similarly, here we need to remove the curtain rod to hang the window composition.

pleating on suspenders – it is made using special fabric suspenders sewn into the curtains or drapes. Here, too, we must remove the curtain rod for installation, except when, the suspenders are sewn in the form of bows tied on the curtain rod.

Pleating curtains and drapes pinned up? How to do it aesthetically

If you want to make the pleating of curtains and drapes pinned up on curtain rings look aesthetically and stylish, it is worth to note that the pleating should be done symmetrically.

For this purpose, the tape should be pleated in such a way that the fabric folds are at an equal distance (of course, if you buy curtains in a good store, they will already be pleated and ironed – ready to hang). The most aesthetically attractive arrangement is to pin up curtain rings at about 10 cm intervals. Otherwise, an excess of elements will introduce chaos in the composition, while a shortage of curtain rings will make the fabric begin to bend unsightly.

It is also possible to make a window arrangement with full coverage of curtain rings. In that case, it is enough to sew the tape a little lower in the curtain or drape, and at the top let out the so-called riffle. This small frill of about 3-6 cm in size allows you to completely hide the metal elements.

Types of pleating tapes

There are many different pleating tapes on the market. With regard to the way of arranging and creating shapes, we suggest the following types of pleating tapes:

counterfold – allows you to create symmetrical overlaps at equal intervals of a few centimeters. This type of tape guarantees the most regular pleating of curtains and drapes;

pleats – otherwise known as pencil pleat. This is the most popular tape used for various types of fabric pleating. It is characterized by equal pleating in a ratio of 1:2 or 1:2.5, or even 1:3, depending on our need (more on this topic)

dragon – a tape with a regular pleating, looking like zipper teeth overlapping alternately. The ratio of its pleating is 1:2 or 1:2.5.


What instead of pleating curtains? Modern alternatives

Pleating curtains or drapes, although demanding is a beautiful window decoration. However, for those who prefer a slightly more modern arrangement, other alternatives are available. These include:

Roman blinds – can be made of one fabric or several joined together. They basically function on the principle of folding the fabric in the form of an accordion, thanks to the whalebone, which allows the fabric to be evenly arranged. They can be mounted on a mechanism that allows you to lift the blind or in a decorative form mounted on the window. Video: Roman blinds - how to measure for custom made blinds

Panels and screens – are made of fabric in many patterns and colors, which is weighted at the bottom with a slat that stiffens the panel. A special curtain rod allows you to quickly and easily change its position.

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