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How to choose appropriate drapes for the bedroom?

How to choose appropriate drapes for the bedroom?

At first glance, it might seem that curtains and drapes for the bedroom have exactly the same function as for any other room, i.e. they are used for decorative purposes only. In fact, in this particular interior they have an additional function. It is to insulate from sunlight, which could disturb your sleep, coming through the window too early, when we do not yet feel like getting out of bed.

Covered windows will also help take care of our privacy. They will hide the room’s interior from any glances coming from outside, providing us with more intimacy. Drapes in the bedroom will also come in handy on hot days. If we cover the windows during the highest temperatures, we will prevent the room from heating up. As a result, instead of feeling exhausted in hot and sultry weather, we will rest in pleasant coolness.

What is the conclusion? Drapes in the bedroom are not just another decoration, such as many in this room. It is an essential element that directly affects our comfort – both at night and during the day.

How to choose drapes for the bedroom?

Beautiful drapes for the bedroom must be tailored to the household and the room. Therefore, when choosing, it is worth considering the following aspects.

  • Dimensions of bedroom drapes – if there is a bed or other furniture right next to the window, which covers the entire lower part, a long curtain will be not very functional and it is better to opt for a shorter variant. In other cases, we can reach for an elegant wall decoration stretching to the floor. For more information on how to measure the window and adjust the width of drapes, we explain in the following video: How to correctly determine the dimensions of custom-made drapes?
  • Material of bedroom drapes – if you choose a light curtain for the bedroom, it will subtly let the sunlight through. However, it will not insulate from it when you want to darken the interior. To achieve such a result, you should choose a bedroom drape made of thick, light-impermeable material, blackout fabric.
  • Hanging method – if you already have a curtain rod installed and do not want to change it, the simplest way will be to choose a matching drape, such as with suspenders, grommets or pleated tape. And if you are just planning to buy a curtain rod, it is worth considering which will be most convenient for daily covering and uncovering of the window: a classic curtain rod (single or double) or a rail.
  • Interior design – after all, the bedroom drapes are still the window decoration and affect the aesthetics of a room. Therefore, we should make sure that it certainly harmonizes with the other elements that make up the arrangement.

Beautiful drapes for the bedroom - Inspiration

When choosing curtains and drapes for the bedroom, it is worth keeping in mind the main purpose of this room, which is sleeping. What is that? The color scheme of your interior should support this purpose, which is to promote calming of thoughts and tranquility. Inadvisable, on the other hand, are colors and elements with a stimulating effect, which could make it difficult to fall asleep.

How to choose drapes for the bedroom with a view to meeting this purpose? You can choose a calm, subdued color scheme. A color palette of grays, beiges and whites – as well as its off-shades, such as ivory, alabaster or ecru – might be a good idea. Even black bedroom drapes can be an apt choice, as long as the room is not exceptionally small and tight.

What drapes to choose for gray walls in the bedroom? In order to avoid making the interior look monothematic or even gloomy, it is better not to decorate the window in the same shade. The interior will gain in coziness if you introduce a bit of gentle contrast – for example, in the form of pastel bedroom drapes.

Bottle green, burgundy or navy blue bedroom curtains? Such colors are also recommended for such a room, especially one decorated in a modern or New York style. There is only one condition: a strong color accent must not dominate the arrangement, but only emphasize it.

Fashionable drapes for the bedroom can also be decorated with a pattern. However, here the key is to choose a subtle pattern that will not create an overwhelming impression and optically reduce the room.

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