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How to choose a curtain well

Jak dobrze dobrać firankę

The right choice of curtain greatly affects the character of the room, it will perfectly emphasize the style we want to give it. In the case of a curtain, we can use a whole range of decorative means for this purpose, it is important to choose the right pattern, the type of fabric, the way of upholstery, the type of crease - just to name the most important. In addition, when choosing a curtain, it is important to remember that it must properly harmonize with the curtain.[more about curtains]

Unfortunately, in many of our apartments and homes, the "interior transformation power" of a delicate curtain is still not properly used. After all, achieving the dream effect depends on a number of factors. However, this is not a difficult task, we will try to help you with it, systematizing the main issues, so that the curtain perfectly blends and emphasizes the style of our arrangement.

The main criterion, determining the choice of curtains, is the type of room we intend to decorate. We will use different window decorations for the living room, different for the bedroom, and completely different for the kitchen.

How to choose curtains for living room and bedroom?

The living room is a special place of every house and apartment. It is here, as a rule, where we spend our free time, rest, and relax. At the same time, it is a representative place where we host our guests. Therefore, choosing the right curtains for the living room is a very important task.

Large living rooms

In large living rooms and parlor areas we have a wide selection of matching curtains. Long curtains, which will add some style to the interior, will suit them, as well as short curtains, which we can use if the window pit is covered by a sofa or other standing furniture. Patterns on curtains – here it is mostly a matter of taste and matching with other decorative elements of the room, as well as the current fashion.

The overall arrangement of curtains in the living room is also significantly influenced by the type of pinning and pleating used. In modern and loft interiors, we use simple curtains with delicate patterns (or no pattern). In more classic or Provencal-style living rooms, we additionally introduce various types of supports and frills, and floral decorations become the predominant patterns.

Pleating of the curtain affects both the aesthetics and the functional aspect of its decoration. The more pleated the curtain, the more exclusive it looks. At the same time, denser pleating allows less light to pass through from the outside, so we use them most often on the south side of the room.

Similarly, we use a large pleating in case of a window facing a neighbor’s house, someone’s apartment or the street. If we want to shield from unwanted glances, we choose denser pleated curtains, more patterned fabrics, with a full weave structure. [more about the types of pleating].

The above guidelines are quite versatile, so that the curtain chosen for the living room will look good and please the eye with its delicate beauty. However, this is by no means a list that exhausts the entire issue of selecting curtains for this most important room of the house. After all, every living room is different, and taking into account all the nuances (such as those resulting from the arrangement of furniture) – is beyond the scope of this article. In case of more complex living room arrangements, it is always advisable to consult companies professionally dealing with window decorations.

Small living rooms, rooms

In smaller living rooms and rooms, curtains with delicate patterns will look better than heavily patterned ones. Fabrics with dense patterns can overwhelm this type of interior. For small rooms, studios, you can use curtains of smooth structure with a shine, which for a change will optically enlarge your room. A good idea to optically enlarge a small window is to use a curtain wider than the window width in a composition with drapes.

Curtains for the bedroom

It is hard to imagine a better window decoration for a bedroom than a well-chosen curtain. The bedroom is a place where we want to feel comfortable and relaxed. The delicate fabrics of curtains put us in a good mood, while thick pleats and hookups add to the effect of elegance and intimacy.

In bedrooms, curtains with thicker pleats, but at the same time subtle patterns, prove to be a good choice. For a more romantic effect, the bedroom curtain can charmingly fall to the floor, this type of curtains are sewn about 10-15 cm longer than standard. A similar effect will be achieved by pinning up the curtains on the sides, the bedroom will then take on a more delicate character.

What is the best way to choose curtains for the kitchen?

Kitchen is a room of intensive work with food products, so the selection of curtains for the kitchen is subject to its own specific rules.

In case of windows located above the kitchen counter or near the sink, it is advisable to choose a short curtain that does not interfere with the preparation of meals or dishwashing. The typical choice for kitchens are the so-called “table runners,” but more and more often we use a short curtain with a delicate, nice finish to the bottom, composing to the whole kitchen. Dedicated curtain patterns, so-called “kitchen patterns” are still popular, but the fashion for them is definitely passing. [Alternative for kitchens – roller blinds]. Nowadays, our kitchens are increasingly turning into kitchen lounges, connected to the dining room, it is becoming a fashionable trend to decorate their windows similarly to the others in the house, as part of the overall interior. The rules for pleating curtains in the kitchen are very similar to those for the living room. [more about the types of pleating].

Curtains for the terrace

A fashionable trend becomes decorating terraces and garden rest areas with fabric, which gives these places elegance and subtlety. The curtain is directly created for this role. We can use it to cover part of the terrace and feel comfortable, especially when we have a neighbor’s house nearby and we need some privacy. It will be perfect for this task and at the same time will give the place elegance, emphasize the character of our terrace, add charm and coziness.

More about pleating curtains

As we wrote above, pleating of curtains has a significant impact on its appearance and functional features of a window decoration. The best way to arrange the curtain neatly is to use a pleating tape, which will arrange our curtain in even folds. At the same time, it will ensure that the special folds are fixed and the top of your curtain is stylishly finished. There are many different tapes on the market, arranging the curtain. The amount of fabric we need for the finished curtain also depends on their choice, as tapes arrange the fabric in folds and the amount of fabric needed for the composition is greater than the width occupied by the pinned, creased curtain. As a typical ratio of pleating curtain by tape should be taken as 1:2, which means that each 1 meter of finished curtain requires the use of 2m of curtain fabric. Pleating 1:2 is the most common solution, but if necessary [described above] it is worth using a tape with a denser pleating, 1:2.5 or 1:3. When choosing a pleating tape, it is worth paying attention to the pattern of the upper finish of your curtain, which will be created by its use. Selection of tapes is wide, the possibilities here are many…

The last remark on the subject of pleated curtains – do not be tempted to use proportions smaller than 1:1.7. You will pay a little less for the chosen fabric, but you are unlikely to be satisfied with the aesthetic effect of a curtain made in this way.

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