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Curtains for the living room - modern arrangements

Curtains for the living room - modern arrangements

In modern arrangements of curtains for the living room, we will also encounter more avant-garde and contrasting solutions, introducing elements of decorative "madness". These are usually well-chosen details, perfectly complementing the minimalist whole.

Below we will present you several views of the same living room, decorated with different variants of modern curtains. After all, there is no better way to tell the story of an interior and style than to present it in a photograph....

The biggest concern our customers reported to us was:

The curtain is not cheap, and I can not imagine it on my window, what pattern will fit best? It is finally easy, we have prepared for you a free application iDESCU.
In the app, on a photo of the window (taken with a smartphone), you can already see how different types/designs of curtains will look like. On your own window you can see visualizations of the curtains, select and substitute different materials for them. There is also the option of ordering a "created" curtain directly from the app, it will be sewn according to the individual visualization and entered sizes.

Modern and calm

The window composition shown in the picture is a typical example of the modern style. Here we see practically no additional decorations, the fabric with simple and evenly arranged curtain valances was selected from a subdued colour palette. These curtains give the interior a calm character and, in line with contemporary design trends, blend in very well with the other elements of the living room.

The curtain was mounted on a soffit rail, on the so-called KS System, which is a great complement to the modern arrangement. Thanks to its use, the traditional curtain rod has been eliminated, which emphasises the minimalist form even more. At the same time, the system KS significantly simplifies the hanging of the curtain (e.g. after refreshing or washing) and its arrangement on the window in even folds.

Modern and avant-garde

Without a doubt, magenta is not a typical colour used to decorate our living rooms. However, the composition shown below also falls into the category of modern arrangements. We are still dealing here with a simple curtain and with a minimised form. However, the fabric and the emotions it introduces are completely different from the impressions of the previous decoration. This interior exudes joy, is energetic and cheerful. Given the intensity of the colours used, this is a great option for a modern seasonal arrangement.

On the other hand, is it only seasonal...? It is our joyful colourful interior and our joy of being in it....

Modern and elegant

Bottle green is one of the so-called 'Earth colours', a combination of this season's most fashionable colours. The arrangement shown below is an example of modern elegance in a fashionable edition. The fabric used is velvet, characterised by softness and delicacy to the touch.

It is available in a matt (more subdued) and glossy version, giving the fabric/ interior a more luxurious feel. When illuminated by even a little sun or light, velvet shimmers with a soft glow, bringing a comfortable touch to the living room. Modern and glamorous at the same time - soft and matt velvets are ideal for this role.

Modern in a classic interior

The classic style combined with modern curtain arrangements is above all a juxtaposition of minimalist form with the charm of classic furniture. The connecting elements between these styles are usually well-chosen accessories such as cushions, bedspreads or scarves decorating the tables, made of the same (or similar) material as the curtains. The colour palette is usually of muted shades, plain or with a fine pattern, so as not to introduce any more contrast to the ornate, classic furniture.

Well-chosen modern curtains and textile accessories in combination with classic furniture can create a truly unique interior. At the same time, due to the restraint in decorative elements, this will be a living room that the residents will not get bored with for a long time, in which we enjoy staying and whose arrangement will arouse the admiration of visitors.

How to measure made-to-measure curtains

Properly measuring the window space in order to order perfectly fitting modern curtains for the living room is a relatively simple operation, however, we still encounter questions in this regard. For those of you who are facing this issue for the first time, we have prepared a short film, which (as we hope) will immediately dispel any doubts in this respect.

As far as the principles of washing and maintaining fabrics (curtains, drapes, Roman blinds) are concerned, we write in our next blog post: "How to wash Roman blinds, curtains, drapes".

App for ordering curtains, drapes, blinds and panels on the background of the window photo

We are pleased to announce that our iDESCU app is now posted for download for both Android and iOS phones. It allows you to quickly create visualizations of curtains, draperies, Roman blinds or panels against a photo of your own window. More about the app in the APP IDESCU tab and a short video demonstrating its capabilities: "How to use the iDESCU app, design and order curtains, drapes, blinds".

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Download the iDESCU app

Download the iDESCU app

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you will be able to match the decoration to your interior, see everything on a photo of your own window.

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Online Store

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You can easily visualize your creation, but that's not all - you can easily order the created decorations. We will sew them to measure and deliver to you by courier.

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