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Curtains as decoration for the terrace

Curtains as decoration for the terrace

Patio curtains are the perfect solution to not only protect you from the sun and wind, but also add style and elegance to your terrace.

In this article, we will share information about the different types of patio curtains and give you tips on how to choose the right curtains to meet your needs.

We'll also let you in on a small but important secret - a method, seen on sailing boats, of attaching the curtains to the decking so that they protect you from the wind on colder days....

Outdoor curtains - The functionality and aesthetics of patio curtains

Terrace curtains have two main functions: they provide protection from excessive sunlight and wind, and they add aesthetics and style to a terrace. They can effectively protect the terrace from direct sunlight, creating a pleasant shade zone.

In addition, patio curtains give the terrace a unique look and are a great decorative element, turning the terrace into a chic place to relax.

Types of patio curtains

Transparent, sunproof, waterproof - depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose from different types of outdoor curtains. Transparent patio curtains (made of mesh curtain material) allow you to keep your view of the outdoors, while at the same time they can protect you from insects and limit the sunlight.

Sun curtains will effectively block out sunlight, providing protection from the heat. Waterproof curtains, on the other hand, are ideal for areas with high exposure to rain and moisture. They are made of fabric with enhanced water resistance and will last longer despite exposure to adverse weather conditions.

Materials for patio curtains

Durable and weather-resistant or delicate, airy - choose depending on the function the patio curtains are to fulfil. For example, fabrics with a pleasant texture, soft and lightweight will make the curtains look more cosy and relaxing.

A variety of fabrics for terrace curtains are available in our showrooms, from which you can conjure up a beautiful decoration for your terrace.

Trends in patio curtains - Colours, patterns and textures

In recent years, trends in patio curtains have focused on natural colours and textures such as greens, beiges, browns and shades of grey. Patterns and textures are equally important - delicate geometric patterns, stripes or floral motifs are currently in fashion. Whatever the fashion, however, it is worth choosing patio curtains that harmonise with the terrace décor and reflect your own individual style. And don't be afraid of bolder, more expressive colours.

Let's make sure that our terrace is a harmonious continuation of our home décor. Terrace decoration should be chosen in such a way that it contributes to our well-being, that we like it and that it creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Finally, our little secret for an aesthetically pleasing solution for attaching the curtains to the boards, stones or tiles of the terrace.

This secret is the use of an attachment typical of sailing boats, which also works very well for terrace curtains. The fastening element is made of weather-resistant stainless steel.

It is mounted to the floor; in everyday use, the fastening wheel of the curtain is laid flat and does not interfere with movement on the terrace.

But in case of stronger winds - we lift it and hook the bottom of the curtain to the wheel. And in this simple way we have solved the problem of fixing the curtains on windier days....

Remember that the most important thing is to choose curtains that suit your taste and create an atmosphere on the terrace that relaxes you. Curtains have a huge impact on the decoration of your terrace, so take the time to select and sew them according to your aesthetic preferences. A helpful visualisation tool will be our app, where you can easily and quickly check out different ideas for a great terrace design on a photo of your terrace...

Curtain visualization application (app)

We are pleased to announce that our iDESCU app is now posted for download for both Android and iOS phones. It allows you to quickly create visualizations of curtains, draperies, Roman blinds or panels against a photo of your own window. More about the app in the APP IDESCU tab and a short video demonstrating its capabilities: "How to use the iDESCU app, design and order curtains, drapes, blinds".

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Download the iDESCU app

Download the iDESCU app

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Online Store

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