Curtain rod cover (pelmet)- a perfect complement to the window decoration
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Curtain pelmet, rod cover - a perfect complement to the window decoration

Curtain rod cover - a perfect complement to the window decoration

When is a pelmet (curtain rod cover) useful?

Construction and installation elements that are visible to the naked eye sometimes make the interior look unfinished, raw or even not very cozy. If you also get this impression when looking at the window arrangement in the living room or any other room of your house, it’s high time to do something about it.

And here with help come the so-called ceiling moldings, which on the whole perform a similar function to those installed at the junction of floor and wall. The task of such a covering mounted at the curtain rod is to cover up that unsightly place where the curtain for the living room comes into contact with the rod and curtain rings. Therefore, its purpose is to improve the appearance of room design, especially its window area.

However, the ceiling molding is useful not only for the classic curtain rod. Although the KS system is more aesthetically pleasing, but it can still negatively affect the consistency of the room’s design. If you decide to use a ceiling rail cover, the curtain or drape for the living room exposed on it will gain a more elegant expression. This is an easy way to add a luxurious touch to any interior, and whether or not it is actually finished with exclusive materials.

What to keep in mind when installing a pelmet / curtain rod cover?

In order for the curtain rod cover to fulfill its function, i.e. to mask the element and improve the aesthetics of window arrangement, it should be installed in the right way. Below we have collected some installation tips prepared on the basis of our customers’ experience. Check them out before you get started, and the effect will surely be phenomenal.

Although wide blends look very interesting, they can cause problems in daily use. Make sure that your chosen cover rail was characterized by such a width that will not make it difficult to hang a curtain. The best height of ceiling moulding is from 10 cm to 15 cm, this is the height at which you can comfortably handle under the blind.

  • In order to be able to freely move your hand under the blind when fastening curtain rings, keep at least 10 centimeters distance between the cover and the curtain rod and 10 centimeters distance from the curtain rod to the wall. In case of a double curtain rod, it should be even larger. A convenient distance for installing the ceiling moulding from the wall is a distance of 20-25 cm. The curtain rod, on the other hand, is installed in the middle of this distance, so that the curtain folds and drapes lay freely, not pressed by the blind or the wall.
  • If you intend to hang curtains for the living room on the KS system, you need to take into account an additional factor: laying the fabric in pleats. The larger the material folds, the larger the gap between the cover and the curtain rod. Most often it turns out that the distance between these elements of about 25 cm is sufficient, but you need to adjust it to your window arrangement. What will happen if the spacing is too small? The material will be unnaturally compressed at the top, so that the whole design will lose its aesthetics. And as the ceiling moulding mainly serves a decorative function, its installation will not result in the effect you wanted.

An original alternative to the classic curtain rod cover

No option to install a ceiling molding? This does not mean that you have to choose a visible curtain rod, which does not match the interior aesthetics. All you need to do is to choose the right way to pin up the curtains and drapes for the room. Of course, by the right way we mean one that covers the curtain rings and gives the window arrangement a decorative touch.

To achieve such an effect, you can choose a curtain with a pleated tape sewn a few centimeters lower than usual. As a result, just above the pleat will remain the so-called riffle, which is a small frill of fabric that will easily cover the metal elements used to pin up the curtain or drapes.

For more inspiration on how to effectively pin up a curtain for the living room, see the following article: How to pleat curtains and drapes? Effective and simple solutions. See if you find any of our ideas interesting!

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